The Magic Of The Toulouse Art Galleries

When the name ‘Toulouse’ is mentioned, what automatically comes to mind is the famous artist who created such masterpieces that he helped to expand the fame of the Moulin Rouge with the now famous poster prints he created.  However, there is another artistic fame that is associated with the name Toulouse, which by the way is a town in France.  The Toulouse Art Galleries are some of the most acclaimed and famous galleries in the world.

A large part of what makes the Toulose Art Galleries such a famous group of galleries and museums is the fact that there is a gallery for almost every form of artistic expression that can be imagined.  Modern art form, Roman sculpture and even photographic art can all be found in the charming French town of Toulouse.  Just imagine walking through the streets as you marvel at the beauty to be found in the artistic culture to be found in the area.  The fact is that for anyone with even the slightest bit of interest and knowledge of any type of artistic form, no trip to France would be complete without traveling through Toulouse to see the amazing art work that this town has to offer.

There are eleven Toulose Art Galleries and museums to be found in Toulouse, and each with its own artistic offerings.

1. The Les Abattoirs:  This museum, which is located on the Left Bank of the Garonne, is dedicated to the genre of experimental art.  Aside from featuring works of such a genre the Les Abattoirs also encourages creativity.  Among some of the exhibits to be found would be post Second World War expressions.  
2. Leg Augustins:  At one point in history this museum was an Augstinian monastery that dates as far back as the fourteenth century; this makes the buildings themselves worthy of a visit.  Due to the age of this location the art work featured is that of the Romanesque and Southern Gothic era.
3. Hotel D’Assezat:  This particular location showcases Renaissance architecture and houses the collections of George Bernberg.  The collections include books, paintings and Venetian sculptures and Renaissance bronzes. 
4. LeMusee des compagnons:  This museum is one that deals with the art work that can be found in the construction areas.  Works of wood, iron and structure can all be found in this museum. 
5. Musee Department de la Resistance et de la Deportation Jean-Philippe:  This museum is dedicated to the French Resistance and the part that they played in World War II. 
6. Le Monument a la gloire de la resistance:  This location is also dedicated to the part of the French resistance, as well as that of the occupation. 
7. Le Musee Paul Dupuy:  This museum is unique in the fact that brings artifacts to life by showing how they were used in the past. 8.Musee Georges Labit:  When loans it comes to an interest in the art of the Far East and of Egypt, this is the museum to tour. 
9. Place Laganne:  For the art enthusiast who finds their inspiration in photography a tour of Laganne will make the trip completely worthwhile. 
10. Musee Saint-Raymond Musee des Antiques:  Antiquity archeology and the Middle Ages are the exhibits to be found in this unique monument that dates back to the 15th century. 
11. Le Musee du vieux Toulouse Hotel Dumay, XVIth century:  This location is one that offers exhibits from the past centuries as well as a glimpse of Toulouse during that time frame.

These museums will help any art enthusiast make a connection with their preferred medium of artistic expression.  Even for those who merely have a fancy and appreciation for art, a trip to the town of Toulouse and its museums and galleries is a trip that can come only once in a lifetime.

Walking Tours Around Rome

Rome is a great city and you will see this the moment you land there. What makes Italy’s capital so special is the fact that you can explore it on any way you know – on foot, by car, by bicycle or with the help of the public transport. I see you are interested in the walking tours. To tell you the truth I’m also interested in them and actually this is my favorite place of exploring cities I have never been before. Actually walking around Rome is not only interesting but it is healthy as well. There are huge areas only for pedestrians and cars-free. So you can enjoy and breathe some fresh air.

Of course there are two ways to go on a walking tour. The first one is to do it by yourself – it may sound quite impossible but believe me – it is not. All you need to do is to make a good research on internet and of course buy a map of Rome the moment you land there. There are some advantages and disadvantages of this method but this is completely normal. The positive sides are that you will save some money and you will visit places that you are actually interested in and the negative sides are that there will not be anybody to explain you and tell you some interesting facts about the place you are currently visiting. If this is fine for you – OK but my personal recommendation to you is to sign for a walking tour in some organization.

If you are up to it I can give you some additional information and recommend you one really good organization – I’ve been using their services while I was in Rome and to tell you the truth I was really pleased with the walking tour the offered. – this is the official link of the organization and the walking tour is a combination of Vatican walking tour plus the old and ancient old Rome. I see that currently they are making discounts so I guess it is a great time to take advantage of their services. If you are 26 years old or less the walking tour will cost you 36.55 euros and if you are 26 years old or more it will cost you 45.05 euros instead of 53. For more additional information and anything you want to know – you can visit the website.

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USA/California/Los_Angeles”>Los Angeles apartments or Apartments Sydney. I think these are the most important things you need to know when it comes to accommodation in Rome and walking tours. The city is really great and it is worth making walking tour for sure.

Super Fruits On The Rise

There are many fruits that have been around us for centuries. Some are even so helpful to the body, that people use the term superfruit to describe them. These are vegetables that fight cancer, and fruits the lower blood pressure, and help eyesight. How can we find out about this information? One way is follow a credible source.

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The green coffee bean extract is another discovery Dr Oz has shared with his community of listeners. This bean can actually control your appetite and help a person not feel as hungry as they are use to feeling. He has talked about raspberry ketone, broccoli, and many other foods that help us live longer.

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Dr Oz has appeared the Oprah show for five seasons. He has even been on shows such as Good Morning American, The Today Show, The View, and the Larry King show. He currently has his own show on satellite radio where his listeners follow, and keep in tune with all this exciting information. He has written many books, about healthy eating and was even ranked number forty four on Time magazine’s most influential people in 2008.

It is easy to see why this doctor has been a powerful force in the spreading of this unique information. There are many fans and listeners who want to live healthier and longer, and now they have a credible source for this information.